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Happy 2nd Bridge Day Sweet Rascal, Have a blast with our angels up there...Visit mom in her dream!
Your mama
Rascal, have a happy 2nd Bridgeday today. Know that mama loves you and misses you so much. Have fun with your friends mamacita.
Your mama
Miss you mamacita. I love you yesterday, today and always. Have a good day. You are always mama's girl! Love you.
Merry Christmas sweet little girl! Hope you had a wonderful day & enjoyed the angels singing. Try to visit your mom soon. Hugs
Your mama
Merry Christmas my sweetness. I love you and miss you everyday. I hope you spent all day opening presents! Love you forever.
Have a Good Holiday season Rascal! I know you will be running and sining along with our Sweet Angels Up There!
Cowboy's Sissy
What a touching memorial website, with poignant background music. So sorry for your loss. R.I.P little Rascal.
Pamela (Bella's Mom)
Hello beautiful Rascal, your mommy loved you so very much. I know you're looking over her and waiting for her at the bridge.
Stoney's Dad
Happy Thanksgiving Rascal.
Linda- Eddie & Sarah Ann's Mom
Happy Thanksgiving Sweet Rascal! Have fun & eat plenty of turkey with Eddie & Sarah! xxoo
Your mama
Love you sweetness. Miss you so so much. Really wish you would visit me soon. Know that you are forever in my heart baby girl.
scott- cleo. linus, missy
I'm so sorry for your loss. What a beautiful baby. Here is a candle for Rascal. rest in peace little one.
Your mama
Love you baby girl. Still miss you so very much. I am so lucky to have you as my sweetness. You still own my heart.
Your mama
I miss you so much my sweetness. Know that you are forever loved and missed every single moment. Thank you for being my girl.
Your mama
I love you Rascal. I miss you every day. I hope you come and visit me soon. Have a good day sweetness. Love you forever.
A Friend
Hi sweetie, I just lost my baby who looks so much like you. Please greet and love on my Chloe. She will want a friend.
Your mama forever
I miss you sweetness. I hope you are having a good can visit me soon if you get time! Love you baby girl. Forever.
Carrie and angel PeeWee
Good Morning sweetness and spice wanted you to know I am thinking about you this morning. Your mommy loves you so very much.
Your mama
Miss you so much my sweets. I love you today and always. Have a good night and come visit me soon. Love you baby girl.
Your mama
LOVE you baby girl. I miss you so much my sweetness. You are never out of my mind or heart. Love you. Have a good day.
Your mama
Miss you baby girl. I love you yesterday, today and a forever of tomorrows. Know that you are so very missed. always.
Linda, Eddie & Sarah Ann's Mom
Hey Sweetie, Thanks for helping your Mama & Rambo get through the flight & big move. Your strength always guides them. xxo
Your mama
Thank you baby girl. For always being there when your mama needs you! I know that you took that trip with your brother! XXX
Your mama
Love you my Rascal. Thank you for helping your brother thru the vet visit on Fri. You know that he hates them! Miss you sweets
Your mama
Missing you more than ever my sweetness. I hope you come and visit soon. Stay by your brother's side as he always needs you.
Your mama
Love you mama's girl. I miss you sweetness. Every day. You are never forgotten and always always in my heart.
Your mama
I love you baby girl. I miss you forever. I was so blessed to have you and your love. Have a good night mamacita.
Your mama
I miss you so much; everyday. Not a day goes by that I don't miss you. You are always mama's girl. Sleep good baby.
Stoney's Dad
Happy Easter Rascal.
Happy Easter Beautiful! Hope you day was filled with all your favorite treats.
Cody & Nikki's Dad Andy
Happy Easter Rascal. :-)
Amanda Kodiak & Bailee's mom
Easter blessings to you furry angel Rascal. Enjoy the holiday and pay your mommy a special visit. XX00
Linda, Eddie & Sarah Ann's Mom
Happy Easter Rascal! Have fun today! Enjoy your yummy treats & hunting eggs! xxoo
Your mama
Love you my sweetness. I miss you forever; love you forever. Have a good night!
Your mama
Rascal, I miss you so much sweetness. Lots of things going on know (as you know) but one thing is the same...I miss you my girl.
Brenda, Harry's mom
Rascal, such a beautiful girl. Your mommy will always keep you safely tucked in her heart. Forever loved and missed.
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